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General Sessions

We provide complete audiovisual set-up, stage management and service for general topic discussions of keynote speakers.

A General Session or Keynote Session is generally a conference or conventions headline act. A greater level of service and presentation is needed to showcase your special event. Corporate AV, LLC can help you achieve the grand look to wow your attendees and keep them coming back for more.

Some of the services beyond standard AV we provide:

Stage management: 

A show is a well oiled orchestrated machine and keeping things moving on time helps pace your content and educates and handles your talent to give them the boost to give an outstanding performance. We provide a team member to meet and greet your talent and get them to the stage while delivering their content to our presentation management staff. A speaker timer reminds them of their talk time while a confidence monitor keeps your talent always looking forward.

Presentation management: In a show with a lot of talent, the amount of content to assemble and arrange can be daunting for our clients. We provide a staff member to collect and assemble all the presentations for your general session and make last minute crucial changes that are key to getting your point across.

Set Design: A boring ballroom and a set to wow your attendees might be the key to keep them coming back year after year. Talk with our team and see what we can do to design something special just for you.

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