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Festivals and Concerts require a special kind of AV which Corporate AV, LLC can handle needs appropriate to the elements. Let Corporate AV, LLC handle the hassles of outdoor events for you.

Some things to think about for outdoor events:

Power source: Generally a generator is needed to power AV equipment outdoors.

Sound: More speakers are generally needed for outdoor events because there are no walls to bounce sound around. Generally plan on twice as many speakers as you would use indoors.

Projection: The brightest projector is no match for the sun. Video walls are an option but very expensive. Once the sun goes down we have one of the areas few blow up screens. 14’x 24’and perfect for community movie nights.

Some Festivals/Concerts we have supported:

  • Glen Park Street Festival

  • California Alpaca

  • Bel Air Presbyterian Camp

  • VTA Launches

  • Milpitas High School Reunion

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