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Projector stands, projector mounts, projectors, video projectors, projector screens, long throw lens, short throw lens, HD projectors, large screens

1 day - $100.00

3 days - $200.00

Week - $300.00

Monthly - $600.00

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The 10 ft Cradle Screen sits in a base and extends upwards.  Best when its put on a table or platform.  This screen is ideal for audiences less than 150 people, ceilings 12ft and taller, and projectors of at least 2500 lumens. This big screen is 10ft in length and you will need a mini van or pickup to pick up or you will need it delivered.

What's in the box?

This rental box comes with all the items listed below. If an item is missing, contact us immediately.

  • 1-10x10 Cradle Screen
  • 1-Upright
  • 1-Cradle



Our sales associates are well versed in what questions need to be asked so we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations with this type of equipment.


Contact us or call (877) 621-2938 for assistance and a quote.

Rental Days are considered full use days and not including days of shipping/setup/delivery. A 1 day rental allows day prior pickup and return on day after use. The weekend counts as 1 use day.

Review the Rental Agreement

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