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video kits, rigging, party lights, LED lights, light bars, followspots, spotlights, fixtures, lighting cables, lighting accessories, lighting tree, lighting splitters, lighting dimmers

1 day - $50.00

3 days - $100.00

Week - $150.00

Monthly - $300.00

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In order to have dim able lights, you need a dimmer pack, a dimmer board and lights.  The Dimmer pack is used in conjunction with a dimmer board and lights.  You plug the lights into the dimmer pack and then a control cable goes to your dimmer board.  You can plug up to 8 lights into 1 dimmer pack.

What's in the box?

This rental box comes with all the items listed below. If an item is missing, contact us immediately.

1-Leviton DDS6000+ Dimmer Pack


  • 4 Individual Dimmer/Relay Channels
  • 4 Channels at 1200 watts each
  • Dual power cords
  • 15 amp cords: 3600 watts maximum output or 20 amp cords: 4800 watts maximum output
  • Dual SCR Design Ensures Reliable Operation
  • 512 Channel Address Capable
  • External Fusing for Each Individual Channel
  • Toroidal Filtering Reduces Audio Interference and Extends Lamp Life
  • User Select for Dimmer/Relay Operation
  • User Select for Soft Start Operation to Increase Lamp Life
  • Internal Jumpers Activate 8 Auto Sequence Control Programs
  • Power On LED Indicator
  • Sequence Rate Adjustable from 1 to 60 Seconds
  • Control Status Indicator LED
  • Individual Channel Function LEDs
  • NSI 128 Channel Micro-Plex (3-pin XLR)


Our sales associates are well versed in what questions need to be asked so we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations with this type of equipment.


Contact us or call (877) 621-2938 for assistance and a quote.

Rental Days are considered full use days and not including days of shipping/setup/delivery. A 1 day rental allows day prior pickup and return on day after use. The weekend counts as 1 use day.

Review the Rental Agreement

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