What are Hybrid/Virtual Events?

Cav Livestreaming Terminology

Virtual Only Event

All presenters are in their individual locations, as are your event attendees. CAV will host your livestream and manage presenters, slide decks, videos, and other content from a remote location. Your attendees watch a professional looking/branded livestream that integrates presenter(s) and content, and engage with presenters/panelists via video, audio, chat, polling and other interactive features.


Hybrid Event

Presenters/panelist are in one location (e.g., headquarters, hotel meeting space or conference center), with local in-person attendees. A national or global remote audience participate via the livestream.

Whether you do a virtual or hybrid webcast will depend on the needs of your presenters, the geographic dispersion of your audience, and the constrictions placed on in-person meetings by various county, state and federal restrictions intended to limit the impact of COVID-19.


On a budget? CAV will make your dollars work for you, creating a high-end experience for your remote attendees. Have more money to spend? CAV can pull out the stops for a fully immersive live broadcast.